Simplify Your
Third-Party Risk Management.

Navigate the complexities of vendor interactions with ease. With Papaya’s TPRM solution, oversight, compliance, and mitigation are just a click away.

Third Party Risk Management Reimagined

Navigating third-party relationships can be a maze of regulations, standards, and variable risks. Papaya’s TPRM solution is here to simplify the journey. Experience a transformative approach to managing vendor risks.

Unified Vendor Dashboard

No more sifting through spreadsheets or disparate systems. Access a consolidated view of all your third-party vendors, complete with real-time risk metrics and insights.

Regulatory Alignment

Stay in step with global regulations. Papaya’s dynamic updates ensure your TPRM aligns with evolving global standards, eliminating the hustle of manual tracking.

Prioritized Concerns​

With our advanced algorithms, receive immediate risk scores for each vendor. Understand the nuances, potential pitfalls, and areas of strength in every external partnershi

Streamlined Third Party Risk Assessment Flow.


Vendor Onboarding

Begin with a straightforward process of adding your third-party vendors into Papaya’s platform, providing essential details to kickstart the assessment.

Risk Assessment via Questionnaires

Assign pre-defined questionnaires tailored to specific vendor types or create custom ones to capture precise risk information. Every questionnaire is designed to gather key insights and ascertain the vendor’s security posture.

Progress Reports & Collaboration

View comprehensive progress reports that detail the risk profile of each vendor. These reports make it easy to prioritize actions and offer a snapshot of your vendor landscape. Moreover, the integrated Vendor Collaboration Portal fosters open communication. Engage directly with vendors, share feedback, clarify uncertainties, and jointly work towards enhancing security measures.

Unparalleled Features, Tailored Reporting

Elevate your compliance management with a suite of exclusive functionalities.

Seamless Integration with Papaya Suite

Experience the power of interconnected tools. Papaya’s Third-Party Risk Management solution flawlessly meshes with other Papaya solutions, creating a cohesive risk management ecosystem.

Comprehensive Vendor Profiles

Each vendor gets a detailed profile highlighting their risk score, completed assessments, pending tasks, and more, allowing for easy risk assessment at a glance.

Feedback Loop Mechanism

Initiate a two-way conversation. Collect feedback from vendors regarding the assessment process, and utilize these insights to continually refine and improve the system.

Version-Controlled Assessments

As vendors evolve and security measures change, maintain a history of all previous assessments. Track changes, compare versions, and observe progression over time.

Document Repository

Keep all pertinent documents related to vendor risk management in one secure location. From contracts to previous risk reports, access everything with ease.

Progress Tracking Dashboard

Get a holistic view of all your vendors in one place. Monitor assessment progress, view risk scores, and pinpoint areas that demand immediate attention.

See For Yourself

Empowered Decision Making

Consolidate all third-party risk information into a single, unified dashboard, eliminating scattered data and offering a holistic view of the vendor ecosystem.
Instead of reacting to breaches or vulnerabilities, Papaya’s solution empowers organizations to be proactive. With dynamic risk scoring and analytics, identify threats before they escalate.
By understanding where the highest risks lie, allocate resources effectively to address vulnerabilities and ensure optimal security and compliance.

Streamlined Operations and Collaborations

Automated workflows and intuitive interfaces reduce manual intervention, ensuring quicker turnarounds and less administrative burden.
As your organization grows and more third parties come onboard, Papaya seamlessly scales, ensuring consistent risk management standards across all vendors.
Stay ahead of compliance mandates. Papaya’s system is continually updated with the latest regulations, ensuring that your third-party risk assessments always align with global standards.

The Clear Choice

Diving deep into the advantages of integrated Third-Party Risk Management

Ease of Use

Intuitive interface, simplified processes.

Often manual and disjointed efforts.

Varied interfaces, not always user-friendly

Integration Synergy

Seamless workflow transitions with other platform solutions

Isolated assessments, manual data transfer.

Interoperability varies, often non-native.

Customizable Questionnaires

Consistent customization aligned with other Papaya solutions.

Isolated customization, may not align with other tools.

Varying depth of customization.

Vendor Engagement

Dedicated portal for collaborative risk mitigation.

Emails, calls, disjointed communication.

Limited collaboration tools, often one-sided.

Regulatory Updates

Continual updates aligned with global standards.

Requires manual tracking & often lags.

Updates provided but might not be as frequent.


Unified scalability across Papaya solutions.

Scalability focused only on third-party aspects.

Varied scalability based on their solution breadth.

Centralized Dashboard

Unified view of all vendor risks.

Scattered data across multiple platforms.

Dashboard available but may lack integrative features.

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Papaya’s TRPM doesn’t just identify risks—it fosters collaborative mitigation. The platform provides a portal for open communication, allowing vendors and your organization to align on expectations, address concerns, and collaboratively strengthen security measures.
The TRPM is designed to be agile. As part of the integrated Papaya ecosystem, any updates or insights from other Papaya solutions—like the latest cybersecurity training trends from the LMS—are reflected in the risk management strategy, ensuring a proactive approach.
Absolutely! Papaya’s TRPM solution recognizes the intricacies of global operations. It’s built to accommodate a diverse vendor base, ensuring consistency in assessment and communication regardless of the geographical or operational scale.
Integration means no more silos. With TRPM’s synergy with other Papaya offerings, you can transition seamlessly between risk assessments, training modules, and vendor evaluations. This unified approach ensures that insights from one module influence and enhance the functionality of the others, driving a holistic risk management strategy.
Papaya’s TRPM is not a one-size-fits-all tool. It’s designed with industry-specific modules that address unique challenges, regulations, and standards of various sectors. Whether you’re in finance, healthcare, or manufacturing, Papaya ensures your vendor risk management aligns with your industry’s best practices.
Yes, customization is at the heart of Papaya’s TRPM. While we provide a robust set of default risk parameters based on industry standards, you have the flexibility to adjust them. Set your own thresholds, define custom risk indicators, and ensure that the TRPM aligns perfectly with your organization’s risk appetite and strategy.


Embrace the Future of Third-Party Risk Management