Track And Measure Your PCI-DSS Compliance With Papaya

Don’t lose your ability to process credit cards and avoid lost revenue streams! Papaya helps guide you through all necessary PCI SAQ requirements so you can securely carry out online transactions with your customers and grow your business.

Introducing The PCI-DSS Compliance

Dedicated Tools, Singular Focus: Your Path to HIPAA Compliance.

Tailored Access

Unlike broader platforms, this subscription zooms in on HIPAA, offering tools and resources specifically for its compliance. You get what you need, without the distraction of unrelated features.

Third-Party Validation

Need more assurance? Opt for our third-party HIPAA validation service. Once you’ve met the required standards, receive a HIPAA Attestation Letter to validate your efforts and showcase your commitment

Affordable Annual Assessments

Compliance isn’t a one-time affair. With our subscription, your annual HIPAA risk assessments become straightforward, repeatable, and cost-effective.

The NIST Cyber Security In Three Effortless Steps


Kick-off with Scoping

Begin by defining the assessment’s boundaries. Determine which parts of your organization, from specific departments to technology systems, fall under the HIPAA umbrella.


Risk Assessment Execution

Harness Papaya’s powerful assessment tools tailored to HIPAA’s specifics. Get prompted with relevant questions, guidance on potential vulnerabilities, and ways to address them.


Detailed Reporting

Once the assessment is complete, receive a clear, actionable report that outlines your compliance status, potential risks, and recommended mitigation strategies.

Empowering Security Foundations

Crafting robust cybersecurity from the ground up with Papaya’s feature-rich Security Program Build toolkit.

Seamless Data Mapping

Launch your HIPAA compliance journey with a straightforward questionnaire. Understand where PHI intersects with your operations, without diving into technicalities.

Precision-Driven Risk Evaluation

No more wading through irrelevant information. Our system pinpoints exact areas of concern based on your data flows, ensuring you focus only on what truly matters.

Clarity in Every Control

With jargon-free explanations accompanying every control, achieving compliance becomes a clear path, not a maze. Navigate the complexities of HIPAA with confidence.

Audit-Ready Reporting

Generate reports that speak volumes without overwhelming. Whether it’s for internal review, stakeholder meetings, or HIPAA audits, your reports stand up to scrutiny.

Simplified Remediation Strategy

With identified vulnerabilities comes the need for action. Chart out your remediation journey, prioritize actions, and monitor progress without breaking a sweat.

Stay Agile, Stay Compliant

The healthcare landscape and its associated risks are ever-evolving. Reassess and recalibrate your HIPAA stance periodically with minimal effort, ensuring ongoing compliance.

See For Yourself

Confidence with Third Party Validation

While our platform empowers you to conduct thorough HIPAA risk assessments, the option of third-party validation gives your efforts an added layer of credibility. With this, an external expert evaluates your compliance status, ensuring that no stone is left unturned.

Once validated, you receive a HIPAA Attestation Letter—a testament to your dedication to maintaining the highest standards of patient data protection and regulatory compliance. This letter serves as an official document you can present to stakeholders, partners, and regulators

Opting for the add-on is seamless. Once you’re ready for validation after using our platform for your assessment, simply request the service, and we’ll guide you through the next steps, ensuring a smooth and comprehensive validation process.

Simplify Your PCI-DSS Compliance Journey

HIPAA demands regular assessments. Our subscription model ensures that you’re not just compliant today, but you stay compliant every day, year after year. Easily renew your subscription and get instant access to any platform updates and regulatory changes.

Annual compliance doesn’t have to break the bank. Our HIPAA Risk Assessment subscription is priced affordably, making it easier for organizations of all sizes to maintain their compliance status without a hefty investment.

No relearning or starting from scratch. When you renew, your previous assessments and data are preserved, ensuring continuity.

Papaya's Edge In PCI-DSS Compliance

A Comparative Look

HIPAA-Focused Scoping

Instant profiling pinpoints only relevant HIPAA domains & standards.

Generic health compliance tools, not always HIPAA-centric

Predominantly risk assessments.

HIPAA Attestation Readiness

Focused reporting ensures you're always ready for attestation.

Gather reports & evidence manually when attestation is near.

Compliance badges, may lack granular evidence for HIPAA.

Badge Issuance​

Earn badges showcasing specific HIPAA compliance achievements.

No formalised recognition system for milestones.

Might offer badges, but not always specific to HIPAA nuances.

HIPAA Scorecard

Clear, actionable insights with a visual scorecard on HIPAA alignment.

Manually compiled scores, may lack real-time updates.

Generic compliance scorecards, not always tailored to HIPAA.

Integrated with Other Compliance Solutions

Seamlessly integrates with other Papaya offerings.

Often standalone, requiring additional systems.

Might integrate within brand, limited to others.

Annual Review Cycle

Automated reminders and tools streamline yearly HIPAA check-ins.

Manual calendar reminders, prone to oversight.

Periodic reminders, may lack specificity for HIPAA nuances.

Compliance Adaptability

Dynamically updates, keeping your defenses sharp.

Requires manual research and adaptation.

Periodic updates, may not always be timely.

Navigating HIPAA with Papaya


Papaya’s HIPAA-focused offering is tailored specifically to the nuances and requirements of HIPAA compliance. While generic assessments offer a broader view, our HIPAA Risk Assessment zones in on the Protected Health Information (PHI) handling, ensuring comprehensive coverage of all HIPAA domains.

Absolutely! Papaya’s platform is designed to accommodate diverse organizational structures. Whether you operate from multiple locations or have various entities, our tool scales and scopes accordingly, ensuring each segment meets HIPAA mandates.

The HIPAA Attestation Letter serves as concrete evidence of your organization’s compliance with HIPAA. It’s a testament to your commitment to data privacy and can be pivotal during audits, stakeholder meetings, and in reinforcing trust among your clients or patients.

Papaya’s dynamic platform continuously updates to mirror the latest in HIPAA and related healthcare regulations. This means your risk assessments are always aligned with current legal standards, ensuring perpetual compliance readiness.

Papaya’s badge system recognizes and celebrates milestones in your HIPAA compliance journey. As teams meet specific benchmarks, they’re awarded badges—serving as both a morale boost and a tangible display of your organization’s compliance achievements.


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