Tailoring Cyber
Risk Management
for Every Industry

Navigate Compliance, Privacy, and Security Challenges with Solutions Crafted for Your Sector’s Unique Needs.

Customized Protection Across the Board


Papaya fortifies healthcare institutions against evolving cyber threats, ensuring patient data is protected while maintaining HIPAA compliance with precision and care.


Empower your startup with Papaya’s agile cybersecurity solutions. Navigate the digital landscape safely, focusing on growth while we shield your vision.


Trust Papaya to safeguard your financial operations. Our solutions are designed to combat sophisticated cyber threats and ensure continuous compliance with global financial regulations.


Papaya enhances SaaS platforms with robust security protocols, ensuring data integrity, user privacy, and seamless compliance across all cloud-based services


Secure the backbone of public services with Papaya. We offer government entities advanced cybersecurity measures, protecting sensitive information against national and cyber threats


Protect your manufacturing processes from cyber disruptions with Papaya. Our solutions ensure operational continuity, safeguarding intellectual property and supply chain integrity.

Unified Compliance Audits: Simplify, Strengthen, Succeed

Papaya simplifies achieving and maintaining compliance across essential frameworks. Our expert-led process transforms complex audits into a unified, straightforward journey, ensuring you meet global and industry-specific standards effortlessly.

Healthcare Compliance Simplified

The gold standard for healthcare data protection, HIPAA compliance is vital for vendors in the healthcare industry and beyond. Papaya makes this critical process more accessible, ensuring your practices uphold the highest standards of patient data privacy and security.

Blueprint for Cybersecurity Mastery

Implement the NIST framework with ease, thanks to Papaya. We guide you through establishing a solid cybersecurity foundation, ensuring your defenses are robust and responsive to the evolving digital threat landscape.

A Gateway to Comprehensive Security

Embrace SOC 2 with Papaya and unlock a pathway to wider framework compliance. Essential for businesses across North America, SOC 2 is no longer a hurdle but a stepping stone to enhanced data security and operational credibility

Payment Security, Assured

Secure your customer transactions confidently with Papaya’s guidance on PCI DSS compliance. Our approach simplifies adherence to critical payment security standards, ensuring customer trust and transactional integrity.

Global Standard, Simplified Compliance

With Papaya, ISO 27001 compliance becomes an asset, not a challenge. We streamline the path to meeting international information security standards, empowering your organization with global recognition and trust.

Navigating Data Privacy with Precision

Ensure GDPR compliance with Papaya’s expert guidance. Tailored for any organization handling EU citizens’ data, we simplify the complex landscape of data privacy regulations, enabling you to demonstrate your commitment to data protection effortlessly.

Other Frameworks

Discover How Papaya Supports a Wide Array of Other Essential Security Frameworks.

Our Customers' Success Stories

See How Businesses Thrive with Papaya’s Simplified Approach to Cybersecurity and Compliance

Using Papaya, IVF Michigan and Ohio fertility centers streamlined their HIPAA compliance, transforming their approach to secure patient data effectively and efficiently. Papaya’s tailored guidance and tools enabled quick compliance, bolstering client trust.

Lightning step adopted Papaya’s LMS to elevate their cybersecurity training, vital for their all-in-one behavioral health platform. Through Papaya’s comprehensive, up-to-date courses, they ensured their team was adept in protecting sensitive health data.


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