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With Papaya, you can secure and grow your business. Your SOC2 compliance program doesn’t have to be painful.

Grow your customer base and gain a competitive edge by demonstrating SOC 2 compliance. SOC 2 is a cost effective and flexible way to ensure your business maintains a high level of information security. With Papaya’s SOC 2 offering you can both minimize your cyber risk as well as prove your commitment to security to open up new business opportunities.

Secure Your Business with SOC2 Compliance Program

Jumpstart your SOC2 Compliance journey with Papaya

SOC2 is a compliance standard that verifies a company’s information security controls practices. It is one of the most recognized compliance standards in the industry and many organizations require it during vendor selection and contracting. SOC2 compliance is a requirement for companies that handle sensitive customer data or provide business critical services.

SOC2 AICPA Trust Principles

Streamline documentation collection with your SOC2 Auditor

Use the Papaya platform’s documentation engine to collect and collate your SOC2 control evidence then provide your auditor with access to your Papaya instance. Gone are the days of sending documentation over emails and working in clunky spreadsheets.

Complete your Annual SOC 2 Risk Assessment

Use Papaya to guide you through your annual SOC 2 Risk Assessment. Papaya will allow you to check the box on your security and privacy compliance needs . As you answer the various categories of questions and walk through the trust principles, you’ll better understand and address the risks you face and how to close them.

Fulfill your SOC 2 training requirements for your staff

For your company to achieve SOC2 compliance, its important to demonstrate that your staff understand your security policies and processes. Papaya allows you to train your employees on information security best practices and also demonstrate their completion with easy to use reporting dashboards.

Generate your SOC2 Policies and Procedures

Papaya’s policy generator tool automatically outputs SOC2 mappings in the policies we generate for you accelerating your SOC2 compliance initiatives

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