Track And Measure Your PCI-DSS Compliance With Papaya

Don’t lose your ability to process credit cards and avoid lost revenue streams! Papaya helps guide you through all necessary PCI SAQ requirements so you can securely carry out online transactions with your customers and grow your business.

12 PCI-DSS Requirements

Perform your Annual PCI Risk Assessment with Papaya

Use Papaya to check the box on your annual PCI Risk Assessment. As you answer the various categories of questions, you’ll better understand and address the risks you face.

Fulfill your PCI Training Requirements for Staff

For your company to achieve and maintain desirable levels of data security and support PCI DSS Compliance, your employees need to be familiar with the best practices related to securely handling cardholder data. Papaya offers easy-to-understand training modules that provide employees with necessary data security training.
Some of the relevant modules include:

Generate your PCI Compliant Policies and Procedures

Papaya’s policy generator tool automatically outputs PCI-DSS mappings in the policies we generate for you accelerating your PCI-DSS compliance initiatives,

Voices of Trust and Transformation

Discover how Papaya has revolutionized cyber Risk for businesses like yours through the experiences of our satisfied clients

With Papaya, we were able to understand and implement specific security processes that were the right fit for our business model and industry requirements. Out staff benefited from the security awareness training content.

A Real Estate Appraisal Company

Papaya helped us understand our overall risk in a step-by-step easy to understand manner. We were able to support a customer’s HIPAA compliance objectives with the Papaya solution.


Papaya provided us with quick and easy guidance to ensure our online store met information security best practices. We also were able to immediately make use of the policies and procedures to educate our staff.

Institute Collective

Papaya has helped us drive data security awareness across our organization. The easy to understand approach has made information security approachable for our organization. Papaya made information security doable for non-technical staff members.

Johnson & Freeman, LLC

The Corrective Action feature on the Papaya engine has been our favorite feature. It has allowed us to prioritize areas of improvement and keep track of our progress.

The Murry Law Group

The HIPAA Security Compliance Scorecard has been a lifesaver for our organization. HIPAA compliance can be very tedious and time-consuming; however, Papaya gave us a roadmap to become compliant


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