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Achieve and Demonstrate HIPAA Compliance In Record Time

Whether your organization is HIPAA compliant and you would like to demonstrate compliance to the world, or you’re building a security and compliance program from the ground up, Papaya has you covered. Designed so anyone from anywhere can tackle HIPAA compliance, we guide you through the journey every step of the way.

Easily Achieve HIPAA Compliance

Get Ongoing Insight Into Your HIPAA Compliance

Ensure you’re always up-to-standard is critical when aiming to maintain long-term HlIPAA compliance. Papaya’s HIPAA Compliance Scorecards enable you to keep consistent tabs on your adherence and reporting practices so that you can better identify and mitigate potential gaps.

Make It Clear That You're Compliant

Prove Your Compliance with Confidence: Papaya’s Compliance Badges and Seals Validate Your Commitment to Patient Security and Privacy

Get the Support of a HIPAA Consultant Without The Hefty Price

HIPAA compliance can be hard, but we rewrote everything to be simple, plain-english. Not only that, but there is a plethora of content to guide you every step of the way to compliance through guidance, tooltips, and information videos. 

Create A Custom HIPAA Question-Set, Tailored To Your Unique Organization

One size does not fit all, and we know that. With the Papaya application, all assessments are custom to your organization based on how your unique scoping factors.

Conduct a Simplified HIPAA Risk Assessment, Tracking Your Progress Every Step of the Way

Any gaps that are identified during the HIPAA assessment can be tracked, assigned, and managed here. All under one roof, no more excel spreadsheets!

Obtain And Manage Compliance Across Multiple Locations

Need a holistic view of your organization’s HIPAA compliance? No problem. Papaya offers a comprehensive framework designed to give you insight into policy performance across muitiple departments and locations.

Track Remediation Through Our Corrective Action Plan Center

Any gaps that are identified during the HIPAA assessment can be tracked, assigned, and managed here. All under one roof, no more excel spreadsheets.

HIPAA Policy & Procedure Generation With A Click Of A Button

After completing an assessment, you can generate custom HIPAA policies & Procedures that are based on the unique scope you created with our software. Not only that, but through our Policy & Procedure management software, you can:

Learning Management System, But Make It HIPAA

Papaya has a native Education and Training center preloaded with a large repository of HIPAA related training, quizzes, and educational content.

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