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Mission Statement

Our mission is to empower you and your business by providing you with the most comprehensive cybersecurity expertise available, allowing you to concentrate on what matters most to you. From simple, straightforward, up-to-date, flexible solutions, to custom security services, Papaya has all your security needs covered. We help you understand the importance of security and compliance so you can be confident in making the right investments and decisions for your business.

Our Story

Papaya was founded by a group of cybersecurity industry experts who were frustrated by the limited options and resources available to organizations to support the protection of intellectual property and customer’s sensitive data. We developed a solution based on ease-of-use, clarity, and down-to-earth questions that generate actionable results for businesses’ security and compliance. Our platform combines state of the art content with a modern software approach. We formed Papaya to empower our customers by identifying each company’s unique needs and offering customized tailored solutions.

We aim to disrupt the status quo by presenting a novel option for business owners so that they can avoid costly consultants and use a comprehensive, innovative, and custom-designed solution that meets their security and compliance goals. We believe that everyone has the right to data security and privacy and that keeping customers’ data private and secure should be straightforward, convenient, and accessible for all businesses.

We choose to support business owners in continuing to focus on building a foundation on privacy and security, while they do what they do best. In addition to helping build a security and privacy function within their business, we provide businesses with marketable validation to help demonstrate their security and compliance commitment to their customers.

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Who Are We?

Papaya was founded by a group of experienced, passionate, and innovative cybersecurity industry experts. Our team is dedicated to providing a platform designed to help small businesses achieve high-level data security objectives.

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