Training Your Employees Has Never Been Easier

The Training and Awareness Module is a powerful, user-friendly Learning Management System (LMS) designed to facilitate your organization’s ongoing security and compliance training. This tool makes it easy to create, manage, and track effective compliance training programs, making it an invaluable addition to your compliance toolkit.

Streamline Risk Management and Compliance with Papaya's Integrated Solutions


Custom Course Creation

Create custom compliance courses tailored to your organization’s unique needs from Papaya’s large course repository. New courses are added each month!


E-Learning Capabilities

Leverage the power of e-learning to deliver training to your team, anytime and anywhere.


Employee Tracking & Reporting

Easily track employee progress and completion of training courses, ensuring your entire team is up-to-date with the latest compliance training.


Integrated Knowledge Tests

Validate learning outcomes and reinforce key compliance concepts with integrated knowledge tests.


Audit-Ready Documentation

Automatically document training participation and completion, ensuring you’re ready for any audits or inspections.


Integration with Other Modules

Seamlessly integrate your LMS with our Security Risk Assessment software, Corrective Action Plan Management Module, and Risk Register Module for a holistic approach to HIPAA compliance.

Papaya Risk Register​

Gain a comprehensive overview of your risk landscape with our intuitive risk visualization tools, empowering you to track overall and residual risk levels and monitor remediation progress in real-time.

Streamline your audit preparation process with our built-in, audit-ready documentation features, allowing you to generate and export the Risk Register as a PDF with just a few clicks.

Take control of your risk management strategy with our powerful, customizable risk filtering options, enabling you to prioritize and manage risks based on critical attributes such as Risk Level, Impact, and Maturity.

Streamline your risk management efforts by focusing on the most relevant risks with our targeted assessment scoping capabilities, allowing you to tailor the risk register to your organization’s specific active assessments.

Corrective Action Plan (CAP) Module

Experience the power of seamless integration with our intuitive CAP Management features, enabling you to effortlessly navigate from risk items to the Corrective Action Module for efficient remediation management.

Stay ahead of the curve with our real-time status updates, providing you with easy-to-understand visualizations of CAP completion progress across your organization, empowering you to make data-driven decisions.

Quickly identify and address the most pressing issues with our intelligent CAP Risk Level Metrics, highlighting the distribution of High, Medium, and Low risk CAPs, ensuring your team focuses on the most critical tasks.

Streamline your remediation efforts with our guided CAP steps, providing your team with detailed, descriptive instructions to ensure effective and efficient resolution of compliance gaps.

Risk Register & Corrective Action Plan Modules


Papaya’s Risk Register is designed to simplify and optimize your risk prioritization process. By offering advanced filtering options based on crucial attributes such as Risk Level, Impact, and Maturity, our platform enables you to quickly identify and focus on the most critical issues. This targeted approach helps you allocate resources effectively and address high-impact risks promptly, revolutionizing the way you manage and mitigate risks within your organization.

Papaya understands the importance of being audit-ready at all times. That’s why our Risk Register comes equipped with built-in, audit-ready documentation features. With just a few clicks, you can generate and export the Risk Register as a PDF, ensuring you’re always prepared to provide the necessary documentation when requested during an audit. This streamlined process saves you valuable time and effort, allowing you to focus on other critical aspects of your risk management strategy.

apaya’s seamless integration between the Risk Register and the CAP Module is a game-changer for risk management. By enabling you to effortlessly navigate from risk items directly to the Corrective Action Module, our platform provides a unified, centralized environment for managing remediation efforts. This integration allows you to assign tasks, set due dates, and track progress without switching between multiple tools or platforms, streamlining your risk management processes and ensuring nothing falls through the cracks.

Staying informed about the progress of corrective actions is crucial for effective risk management. Papaya’s Corrective Action Plan Module provides real-time status updates, giving you a clear, up-to-date picture of CAP completion progress across your organization. With our easy-to-understand visualizations and metrics, you can quickly identify areas that require attention and ensure timely resolution of compliance gaps. This proactive approach empowers you to stay ahead of potential issues and maintain a strong compliance posture.

Papaya’s guided remediation steps are designed to simplify and streamline the process of addressing compliance issues. By providing your team with detailed, descriptive CAP steps, our platform offers clear guidance on the actions needed to effectively resolve compliance gaps. This step-by-step approach ensures that everyone involved in the remediation process has a clear understanding of their responsibilities and the necessary actions to take. With Papaya’s guided remediation steps, you can foster a culture of accountability and ensure that compliance issues are addressed thoroughly and efficiently.


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