Corrective Action and Risk Register

Unlock Corrective Action Plan Management and Risk Register Functionality with Papaya Essential and Papaya Plus

Identify Risk and Effectively Manage Remediation

After identifying risk with the Papaya Risk Register, ensure your organization’s swift response to any compliance issues with our Corrective Action Plan Module. This powerful addition to your software package will help you identify, manage, assign, and track corrective actions required to address any compliance gaps, making your compliance journey seamless and worry-free.

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Risk Identification

Document and categorize potential risks in a centralized, easily accessible location.

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Automated Plan Creation

Generate detailed corrective action plans quickly, complete with tasks, deadlines, and responsible parties.

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Real-Time Monitoring

Monitor the progress of corrective actions in real-time, ensuring timely resolution of compliance gaps.

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Detailed Documentation

Document all steps taken to correct compliance issues, providing a robust audit trail for HIPAA auditors.

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Risk Prioritization

Prioritize corrective actions based on their impact on your compliance, helping you to focus resources where they’re needed most.

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Integration with Reporting Suite

Seamless integration with our Advanced Compliance Reporting Suite means corrective actions can be directly linked to compliance reports. You can track your progress in real time.

The Papaya Risk Register

Overall vs. Residual Risk

See your remediation progress as the dial turns to lower risk.

Risk Prioritization

Filter each risk item by attributes such as Risk Level, Impact, Maturity, and more!

Corrective Action Plan Integration

Clicking into each risk takes you to the Corrective Action Module where you can manage remediation. 

Audit-Ready Reporting

Export the Risk Register as a PDF if one is requested during an audit. 

Assessment Scoping

Scope the risk register by the various active assessments your organization completed.

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CAP Status Tracking

Track CAP completion across your organization.

CAP Risk Level Metrics

Track how many CAPs are a High, Medium, and Low risk through the easy-to-read charts.

CAP Action Tracking

See what CAP activities your organization is undergoing.

The Corrective Action Plan (CAP) Module

CAP Steps

Write out descriptive CAP steps to guide remediation.

CAP Due Date

Set a due date you can track remediation against.

CAP Assigne

Assign an owner for the CAP to implement the remediation.

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